New Tricks: Why you should use Technorati, and how to get started there

July 6th, 2009

Some time ago, Gina Chen wrote a wonderful blog post on “Save the Media” on Technorati and its uses for journalist bloggers.

I mentioned Technorati about a week later ago in my post, “Get to know your bloggers,” as part of the basic research every reporter, editor and producer — hell, every blogger — should do when starting a blog.

Let’s walk you through what you’re actually going to do on Technorati:

1. First, you’re going to want to join the site, of course. Create an easy username/login, because you’ll be able to “claim” as many blogs as you want, which is good if your newspaper or broadcast station has multiple blogs.

2. Once you’ve done that and received your login, you’ll click “Blogger Central” near the top of the screen and scroll down to “Claim Your Blog.” You shouldn’t see any blogs, since you haven’t claimed any yet, but this is what I see, because I’ve already claimed two blogs:

Technorati screenshot

3. When prompted, type in your blog’s home page URL to claim it.

4. Technorati will then give you a bit of code to link to insert in a blog post for publication. After you “ping” Technorati, in turn, will then spider your page after you “ping” it.

Pinging Technorati is simple. In your first post, just code in something like:

<em>If you like my blog, you can also check out my Technorati page <a href=”CODE”>here</a>.</em>

5. Now you should ping the Technorati page. You can also set your blog up to automatically ping Technorati when you post a story. You blog will soon show up on your “Claimed Blogs” page.

Once you’re on, here are a few things to remember:

- Your blog authority is determined by the number of inbound links you’ve received over the last six months.

- Technorati is a great way to find blogs similar to yours. If you see one that has a high authority rank, you probably want to start commenting on it to get noticed.

- One interesting trick is to set up all of the blogs in your blogroll — and tags you care about — in a Technorati Watchlist. In a blog post on “Micro Persuasion,” Steve Rubel suggests this is a good way to keep track of what’s going on in your part blogosphere. (NOTE: I haven’t tried this before, but it seems to make sense.)

If I haven’t convinced you, maybe these folks can:

- Darren Rowse, – ‘Help me, my mom is my blog’s only reader’

- Allen Stern, Center Networks – ‘How I use Technorati’

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  • Ryan Sholin

    I find Technorati can be useful at a local news organization for figuring out who the local bloggers are and how much of an audience they have.

    This comment was originally posted on FriendFeed

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  • Eric Martindale

    Hey Wayne! Haven’t run into you in a while here in Raleigh, but I caught your post on Twitter and thought I’d swing by.

    I’m a HUGE fan of Google Reader shared items, but for some reason you’re not showing up in my items… does Google need to make this mechanism more social, or am I missing something?

    This comment was originally posted on Social Wayne

  • Daniel

    Thanks for sharing my guide on Posterous, Wayne. Appreciate the HT!

    This comment was originally posted on Social Wayne

  • George F. Snell III

    I have such a love/hate relationship with Technorati. I blogged about it here:

    There is so much valuable information on the site, but they make it so difficult to find. And the site has lots of loading problems. I also don't get much traffic from Technorati and I'm not sure how many people use it to search for content and blogs.

    But great tips anyway!

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  • Eric

    Great post. Is there any way to incorporate this into a Posterous blog? Thanks!

  • dan360man

    You can sign up any blog, no matter what CMS it's on, up for Technorati.
    Just follow the instructions on the page once you register, etc.

  • richardz315

    thank you for sharing this

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  • Emo

    Thanks for sharing Technorati tutorial. It will be helpful for me to promote my blog.

    - Acoustic -

  • Narzuty

    well done,man

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  • Daniel Scheid

    I've just started using Technorati to get traffic on my portfolio, this post was very insightful. Thanks!


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