Topify helps you save time on Twitter

March 18th, 2009

You have a stack of new Twitter followers, but not a lot of time. But you have to:

- open the e-mail
- click on the link that takes you to the person’s profile
- decide whether you want to follow them or not
- DM them, perhaps, to thank them

Over the weekend, I signed up for a service called Topify. You can get a beta invite here, but spots are limited. It’s a special SXSW offer. (If you want an invite after the SXSW window closes, go here for an invite.)

Once you sign up, you’ll be assigned a Topify e-mail address. Each new follower notification is routed through Topify, which then scrapes that person’s page, and then another e-mail is sent to your inbox. It not only tells you the person’s name, but:

- where they’re from
- the number of followers they have, along with the number of people they’re following
- their avatar, so if you don’t like following folks with MySpace kissy faces, you don’t have to
- the person’s most recent Tweets

Topify has saved me a bit of time, especially if I Tweet something that gets me a lot of new followers.

Have you discovered any other Twitter time-savers?

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  • Seth Liss

    Thanks for the tip Dan. I think this is going to be a big time saver.

  • Cavan Reagan Reichmann

    What do you think of @MrTweet?

  • dan360man

    I wish MrTweet let me narrow down its recommendation list to folks within a certain distance of me. I'd love to be able to quickly find local recommended folks.

  • OurielOhayon

    Thanks for the mention. Soon a new site (preview on

  • SydneyOwen

    Pretty sure this is one of the most useful tips re: Twitter, ever. Thank you Dan for sharing!

  • Gina Chen

    Just tried it. This could save me a lot of time. I find I waste about 30 minutes every morning sorting through new follows from the night before, going to the page and checking if I want to follow them.

    My favorite twitter tools are back tweets, which you turned me onto; retweetist, twitscoop, twittergrader and just plain old

  • Gina Chen

    I've had mixed results with Mr. Tweet. When he does his recommendations, they turn out well .. but I don't seem to get a lot of recommendations. Not sure why.

  • Daniel

    Thanks for checking out our post, Ouriel. You actually pay attention to Google Blog Alerts. Smart fellow!

  • OurielOhayon

    on the web, like in a kitchen you need the right equipment :)

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  • Website Editor

    thanks for the tips DAN


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