The 3 E’s of Twitter

December 11th, 2009

For you Twitter pros, this will be a bit of a reminder of what you should be doing. Twitter newbies, pay attention.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of posting one link after the next, spewing out an endless stream of information. Information’s great, but there should be a lot more to your tweets.

Without further ado, I bring you this: The Three E’s of Twitter

1. Engage

On Old Media, New Tricks, we talk a lot about how to use Twitter. There are lots of ways to gain more Twitter followers, or ways to build your personal brand through Twitter, or steps on how to livetweet an event, but the easiest way to make your Twitter efforts successful is this: engage.

Simply put, one builds social media credibility — and value — through engagement, and Twitter enables one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many discussions.

Smart Twitter use happens through engagement.

2. Educate

As a journalist, your role is to help provide readers with information and insight to help them answer some big questions: Who should I vote for? Which product should I buy? What does this new law mean, and how will it affect my family?

Twitter audiences love this kind of information. They crave it. In fact, they pride themselves on the fact that they know about news before their friends — just because they’re on Twitter.

While you engage on folks on Twitter, be sure to provide relevant information that makes their lives better, and as you build out your audience, take note of which people like which information. Take it upon yourself educate your audience about your beat, your news organization and yourself.

But it’s not just enough to link to the news; convince your readers just why they should pay attention to you. Instead of tweeting “X law goes into effect today: LINK,” tweet “X law goes into effect today, and this is why it matters: LINK”. You’ll find that your links will get more clicks, your tweets will get re-tweeted and your time spent on Twitter will be more useful.

3. Entertain

Engaging and educating are two Twitter essentials, but if you’re not a fun person to follow, people just won’t follow you. Don’t just tweet serious or work-related posts all the time; if you’re at a ballgame, tweet photos from the game. If you’re at a restaurant, post a picture or two of your food.

Have fun with your tweets, so that other people will have fun following you on Twitter.

What other tips — ones that begin with the letter “E” — would you suggest to others? Please add them as comments on this post!

- Daniel B. Honigman

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  • Anonymous

    yes after all this is a community, and we want to connect and engage with our community, nice comments everyone, tc.

  • Daniel_Honigman

    Great point. More information is always a good thing. Thanks for the contribution, Adelaide!

  • Adam Vincenzini

    Daniel – I really liked this post. I subscribe to each of those E's (well I try to anyway!)
    I think your 3rd E is a very good one – like any other 'channel' we consume in life, an element of entertainment has to exist or you run the risk of negatively impacting on your ability to engage and educate (which, in effect, means all three are intrinsically linked).
    Expose is another one I'd consider i.e. expose your sources, your learnings, your failings etc – honesty underpins success in offline social relationships and in theory should translate into the online space.
    Energize – within reason, but give people stimulus / encouragement via your Tweets – this can be done by replying, re-tweeting etc but also via the proactive tweets you send out through using language that provides your audience with a lift.
    Thanks again for a greay post.

  • Daniel_Honigman

    “Expose” and “energize” are two great ones — although I think some people go a bit too heavy with the “energize” part.

    What do you think of “elevate”? To achieve balance on Twitter, elevate other people's work and thoughts before your own.

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  • Steven Roddy

    Thank you! There is so much information in this article. Its amazing

    This comment was originally posted on The Marketing Model

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  • Meg

    Love it! As simple as ABC, EEE!

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  • Lynda Dixon

    As @enterprisegran….I would have to add enterprise skills. Twitter can help adults and children with decision-making, teamworking, problem-solving, innovation, risk-taking, using initiative etc. If you used Twitter to address all of your enterprise skils, you would be a very popular tweep indeed!

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