Poll: Where do you get your local news?

November 24th, 2008

It’s Thanksgiving week, and we thought it would be fun to start it off with a little poll. It asks a relatively simple question, but one that is of huge importance to those in the media:

Just where are people getting the majority of their local news?

We realize that most of us are getting our national news from Jon Stewart, so all this poll is concerned with is local news. :)

We’ll come back tomorrow with a blog entry about the results.

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  • AnnaTarkov

    Good poll, but I would have added a response that said “A combination of 2 or more of the above.” That's the one I would have picked :-)

  • http://www.conditionalaxe.com Jeff Stolarcyk

    I actually was using Twitter for local news for awhile, but got annoyed when I realized that our local paper just has Twitterfeed set up to tweet whenever a new story goes up. I've gone back to using the Web site. I get weekend print delivery for coupons, but rarely find myself reading the physical paper.

  • Cyndilou

    Ironically, I use the local paper's Twitter feed for news, although I am boycotting the paper itself. Obviously, not a full-on boycott, then — but basically I won't pay for that paper and haven't since 1993.

    Used to browse Yahoo! and CNN for news, but between the two local twitter feeds (one the aforementioned paper and one a TV station) I get what I want mostly without the biased reporting that tends to tick me off.

  • Tom

    News 8 Austin – Local news between 5PM and 5:45
    Twitter – During the day at work (mostly the Statesman but also a little Austinist)

  • http://oldmedianewtricks.com Robert Quigley

    Tell your local paper to read our blog ;)
    Thanks for taking the poll!

  • http://oldmedianewtricks.com Robert Quigley

    I thought about dong combos, but wanted to force everyone to make the hard choice, haha.

  • http://oldmedianewtricks.com Robert Quigley

    Glad you're still reading the paper's material, despite the boycott ;)

  • http://oldmedianewtricks.com Robert Quigley

    Thanks for taking the poll! I think your form of getting news is going to get a lot more common – social media while at work, quick headlines in the evening.

  • http://www.thehotiron.com/ Mike Maddaloni – The Hot Iron

    I selected “local bloggers” but in reality is is blog entities like Chicagoist, Gaper's Block, etc. in Chicago where I get the majority of my “deep” news – headlines I can get from a lot of sources.


  • Cyndilou

    Heh, it took me a very long time to even do that, but I have to admit that their website is far superior to those of the local TV stations in most respects. Besides, I'm vain and wanted to read the reviews of the groups I perform with. :D

  • AnnaTarkov

    Yeah, I figured there was SOME thought behind it :-) I've almost never been able to make a hard choice in my life so I guess it's not surprising I had trouble with this one too.

  • AnnaTarkov

    Since you mentioned Chicagoist and Gaper's Block, have you heard of Windy Citizen? We're over at http://www.windycitizen.com and we would appreciate your consideration. I personally write the Daily Daley blog, but we've got lots of other good content. We're still new so there's a lot of progress to be made, but it can be a very good read.

  • http://danielhonigman.com dan360man

    Why am I not surprised?

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