OMNT Links of the Week #6

December 12th, 2008

Interesting week on Old Media, New Tricks this week. We posted a video example of social media-coverage of the Mumbai attacks and then got into a spirited discussion of whether news organizations should break the Twitterfeed habit. (Patrick LaForge, an editor at The New York Times, continued the conversation in a blog post here. Fascinating stuff.)

Anyway, here are some interesting tidbits from around the Web this week:

Are you looking to build a following on Twitter and Digg but don’t want a lot of noise in your profile? Simon Owens from Mediashift wrote a great primer for dealing with friend inflation on these sites.

Your publication has made some forays in the digital realm but now you’re not alone — your competition is in the space as well. Here are five ways to monitor your news competition online, courtesy of Danny Sanchez at Journalistopia.

Want to do some breaking news link journalism? Chicago looks like it’s broken some ground with Publish2.

Chris Brogan posts a fairly short entry about creating useful media. Always a good thing to know how to do, and it’s a good starting point for journalists just starting to explore the space.

As always, if we missed anything, please share it with us in a comment!

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