OMNT Links of the Week #2

November 14th, 2008

Some interesting links from around the Web this week:

Eric Brantner of Digital Labz compiled a list titled “The 11 Rules of Social Media Etiquette.” Some rules:

1. Give More than You Receive
2. Build Quality Relationships
3. Respect the Community

Scott Karp of Publishing 2.0 says your audience doesn’t care if you’re not making any money. Makes sense to us.

If you haven’t yet heard of Twitterank, it’s a service that you can use to determine your rank and influence on Twitter. There’s one problem, though: You have to give the site your Twitter password. Here’s a good explanation of what Twitterank is and isn’t, written by Christopher Kusek.

Speaking of Twitter, Heather Greer of Spinningsilk Multimedia says she has found herself using Twitter as her newspaper. We think we’re going to hear a lot more stories like this.

Here’s video reporter Michael Rosenbloom’s video wakeup call for newspapers, via Poynter.

Social media isn’t new just to Old Media. Old Software is just testing the waters, too. Giant Microsoft announced its move into the social media world with tools for small businesses. Thomas Hawke gives 10 reasons why he thinks it’s a failure. Andrew Lyle of is a little more optimistic about Microsoft’s chances.

Jeff Jarvis of the media blog Buzz Machine was skewered by Slate for supposedly gloating too much over the demise of print. Jarvis punched back, though he sounds maybe a tad defensive.

Meanwhile, Daniel was featured in this week’s Capture the Conversation podcast. (We promise we’ll try not to self-promote too often.)

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