Newspaper ‘baby Twitterer’ seeks help

November 11th, 2008

Today, I received a DM to the @statesman account from @newshub, which is the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. It said: “Baby Twitterer here. How do we make our Twitter operation as cool as yours?”

I responded using Tinypaste, which is a handy little tool that allows you to blow past the 140 character Twitter limit.

Here’s what I said:

You’re on the right path (not turning on Twitterfeed is half the battle). Next: Reply to followers, ask them questions and retweet good material. Check out my last post on @statesman – I retweeted a reader’s pic from our Veterans Day parade.

Promo your Twitter efforts on your site somewhere (like I did at

Bonus points: See if you can get your sports editor to live Tweet Packers games. Then, see if you can get a developer to scrape your followers Tweets onto a page (like we do at

Also, check out the blog I do with Daniel Honigman. We’ll offer a lot of tips/tricks.

Feel free to bounce ideas off me anytime. We’re still trying to figure this all out, too.

Good luck!

I also DM’d the Journal to say that it was great to “see a real human staffing these newspaper accounts.” The response? “We’re big fans of humans here.”

:) Not everyone is.

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  • Kelly Cree

    we are so lucky in austin to have rob quig serving us via @statesmen

    its v. exciting to know that one of the pioneers of twitter journalism, or whatever buzz words you want to use to describe it, is right here in our midst.

    what is even more exciting is that people worldwide also know him as such and are soliciting his advice.

    in turn, the good word is being spread.

    thanks @robquig!

  • Julie Gomoll

    Glad to hear the MJS is Twittering! I grew up in Milwaukee and still have lots of family there. And although the the paper itself is, uh…, just a tad to the right for my tastes, I’ll definitely be following my hometown Twitterer :)

  • Robert Quigley

    Kelly – Thanks for the kind words!

    Julie – It is cool to see more newspapers on Twitter. Glad your hometown one is on board.

  • daniel

    Julie – What has the paper done to really harness the community in the space? Has it branched out at all, or are its mainly centered around its Twitter efforts?

  • The Newshub (Sharif Durhams)

    Thanks, from the baby Twitterer. And thanks for putting together this blog.

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