OMNT Links of the Week #14

June 26th, 2009

By far the most compelling journalism read this week, I think. Here’s a quick take by John Gruber on the leak, and there are some great notes on the speed vs. accuracy debate. Read this one thoroughly, folks.

over at Daring Fireball about the Wall Street Journal report about Steve Jobs’ liver transplant. The MinnPost is aggregating from various places — tweets, RSS feeds, etc. — and posting them as “real-time ads.” Minn thinks it’s a way to move beyond banner ads, though it may be optimistic. In any case, it’s a good, though very late, answer to Craigslist.

Bizarre happenings at the Columbia Journalism School.

John Boitnott over at Village Voice Media recently went to the 140 Characters Conference and came back wondering, is it better to be first or be correct? My answer: be both.

When live-tweeting an event, don’t forget the Golden Rule, says Domenick Cilea. Be honest, but you don’t have to Tweet every detail.

Robin Lubbock from The Future of New(s) muses on public radio in this interesting post. Do you think it can reinvent itself?

Is your news organization set up to be social? After reading Larry Irons’ post on empathy organization, you may think differently about your publication.

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