BackTweets: My shiny new Twitter object

March 11th, 2009

I must say, I’m a big fan of BackTweets. It’s a great way to track mentions of your site on Twitter.

Just type in the URL for your site (e.g., and, BackTweets will find folks who have linked to your page, and it even plows its way through shortened URLS, given its support.

I’m not sure it supports all URL shorteners just yet, but I’ve seen, TinyURL,,, budurl and a couple of others included.

Use this to:
- Check to see who’s linking to you; it couldn’t hurt to drop them a quick thank-you Tweet. Also, if you re-Tweet them, it won’t look like you’re pushing out content all the time. After all, they are linking to you, so it’s good to RT anyway.
- See who’s linking to your competition. Now steal them away.

What other uses do you see for BackTweets? Have you found anything better?

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  • Cavan Reagan Reichmann

    I just started using that this week. I love it so far. I track when others tweet the names or our products, but this is even better.

  • Gina Chen

    Fabulous, fabulous tool. I just tried it, and wow — worked great. Really helped me track how my tweets are getting spread around.

    I had been using and retweetist to see if my tweets got retweeted. They are helpful, but I had to search by my Twitter name, and some people just retweet the link without retweeting your name. BackTweets brought up more full results.

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  • Grrambo

    I find that if there was some sort of wordpress widget, or apple desktop widget, or some sort of way to have a scrolling update of these backtweets, somehow, that it would be so much better. Having to go to a website each time and search it gets tiresome.

    Even another column or add-on to tweetdeck maybe? WordPress sidebar widget for last 10 tweets? I'll take both!


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