Who started this fine blog?

Daniel B. Honigman is many things: a former journalist and news strategist, an ad agency pro, a startup co-founder and a brand-side marketer. He’s currently back in the startup world at G2 Crowd, a business software review site.

He cut his teeth in the news business as the lead social media strategist and editorial engagement strategist for Tribune Interactive, where he helped guide the company into becoming more, well, social. He also co-founded the Webby Award-nominated the3six5 project.

Daniel worked with both newspaper and broadcast companies and believes all media has the potential to be local, but that it just takes a little bit of effort — and clout — to make things happen.

Robert Quigley is the former social media editor for the Austin American-Statesman. He currently teaches at the University of Texas.

Robert created the Statesman’s Twitter efforts and is the evangelist for incorporating community journalism into the paper’s content.

We’re not pretending to know everything about social media; in fact, we’re still feeling our way around the space, just like you.

At “Old Media, New Tricks,” you’ll get hands-on advice, not only from us, but from many in media who are trying to figure this all out. We’ll add our unique experiences and expertise to each post, and we’ll help you avoid the common pitfalls and teach you the keys to success.

The media industry is still facing turmoil, but the chance for innovation is exciting.